I need a mobility aid?!

AluminumCanesI will be perfectly honest with you. The first time the word “cane” was brought up at my doctor’s appointment, I was not at all pleased. I was certain I didn’t need a cane, so I rejected my doctor’s suggestion, and tried not to think about it. When I noticed that I wasn’t going out as much anymore, I simply accepted the change as being a part of the life I now had.

One afternoon, I was reading a friend’s blog. She seemed to have gotten a new lease on life and was detailing all that she was up to now. I read with a mix of wonder and longing – what happened? Had she started a new diet? Got hold of a new supplement perhaps? Imagine my surprise when her last paragraph noted the unexpected joy of starting to use her cane!

I was stunned. She explained that although she was not crazy about the idea at first, one day she just couldn’t manage without the cane. She begrudgingly picked it up and found that she conserved a lot of her own energy by using the cane to support her legs. The energy she saved helped her to participate in much more than she had been able to in previous months.

It was an exchange I thought of for days. Could such a small addition really be so life changing?

 After a bit of research, I found that my idea of a mobility aid was completely untrue. Well suited and fitted mobility aids add to the quality of your life. They shouldn’t make life more difficult.

When I got to the point where I also could not manage outside without a cane, I remembered how my life could possibly change and found it a bit easier to pick the cane up.  How do you feel about mobility aids?


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