13 Tips for Staying cool without an Air Conditioner

Tips and Tricks to staying cool without an Air Conditioner!

It’s the first week of July and September is still weeks away. Some of the weather here in the US it has been HOT. I wondered what people with MS or other heat sensitive issues, do in this heat – especially if there is no air conditioning. So I decided to ask around and do some research, here’s what I found. I hope it can be of use!

1. Dip your or feet in cold or icy water. Run very cold water into a bucket or basin and plunge your feet in add ice if you can. Change the water when it starts to get warm. You want to keep it as cool as possible. The cool water will help to lower your body temperature for an hour or two. DISCLAIMER: If you have issues with your circulation or a condition like Reynauds, it’s probably better to avoid this one.

2. Run cool water over your wrists for 20 seconds – This little step also lowers your body hear a few degrees for a few minutes, and if you touch your cool wrists to your face, it feels great.

3. Take a cool bath or get into a cool pool – People with sun issues should be careful about cooling off in an outdoor pool for more than 15 minutes.

4. Close your curtains or blinds or Stay in your Basement– You want to keep the room you are in cool. Blocking the heat from sunlight can help to do this. The lowest part of your home is most likely the coolest

5. Wear light colored, light fabric clothing – Dark Colored clothing absorbs rays from the sun, but light colors reflect the sun from you.

6. Invest in Frogg Togg Cooling Items Frogg Togg items are an innovative way to stay cool. When wet, the item becomes much cooler than the air around it.

frogg togg

7. (If you have no Frogg Togg money) -Get a stack of wet washcloths – and freeze them re-wet and re-freeze as needed. Apply to the back of your neck. Be careful if you have issues with your neck.

8. Drink lots of cool water and not too sweet lemonade

9. Eat cold meals such as cereal, sandwiches and salads

10. Make Homemade Ice Pops

11. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

12. Avoid turning on your stove or oven

13. Drench a T-shirt in water and then stand in front of a fan – this can actually make you very cold, so use it sparingly!

If you have a tip or trick to stay cool in this heat please let me know!

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