The Disabled Bathroom Stall

Goodreads | Maxie’s review of S********e

…but as long as[Author’s name here] thinks the extra roomy disabled person’s bathroom stall is there for her character’s personal comfort and escape, don’t expect high marks from me. I’ll never approve of that. You are not disabled.  Your character is not disabled. Stay in your lane.  What would happen if a character who  actually has a disability came in to use the bathroom while your character is “escaping”. You never thought of that did you? Know why? BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT DISABLED. Stay out of a disabled person’s stall – even in your book. If there is no need for you to be in it, as in –  other stalls are available Just avoid it.
You’re so bothered over a book character’s actions?
Yes and why shouldn’t I be?
It is people not saying enough about things they never thought would come true that got this election into the mess it’s in.
So yeah, coming across something you deal with everyday, but someone who is disabled might have trouble with – probably won’t cross your mind unless you or someone you care about deeply is actually disabled…or if you perhaps are empathy filled beyond the norm.
For that disabled person – the thing you had not bothered to think about is something they might carry each day. You don’t have to cast yourself upon a sword to show compassion – but to just perhaps remember every now and then – for a moment…without a law requiring you to or a book review scolding you to.
Yeah, that might be nice.
This post is brought to you by someone who did not exist 10 years ago. I used to be the person in the extra spacious disability stall, the one not recognizing that place which only offered stairs to get in to and out of, and not being bothered by extra loud noises or bright and flashing lights. That used to be me, it is not anymore. I had to become the disabled person to realize, but not everyone has to. Many can learn if they are willing to.
Have you heard of Annie Segara of Annie Elainey?  Her illness is not MS, but she is an awesome advocate for people with disabilities. Here’s a video clip!

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