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t one point in his memoir, Daudet describes staying at a sanatorium, one of those places where everyone understands what everyone else is going through. He talks about the strange pleasure of searching for the patient whose experience of illness is most like his own. Today’s version of the sanatorium is the Internet, where you find a vaporous world of fellow-sufferers, companions in isolation and fear and frustration, as well as practitioners who have made it their life’s work to understand why a segment of the population always feels unwell. I fell into the rabbit hole, and emerged in another world, online.

What’s Wrong with Me?

I had an autoimmune disease. Then the disease had me.


Autoimmune Disorder Exposed

An Easy Explanation of Autoimmune Disease

whitecellsI love this cartoon, it really does sum up what an autoimmune illness is. When you have an autoimmune illness, your immune system – the system that protects and defends your body from germs, begins to identify some of your very own cells as germs or intruders! Then your body’s defense system begins to attack! Your body attacks itself. And that is autoimmune disorders in a nutshell. Now you won’t forget what Autoimmune Disease is.

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