I didn’t really want to talk about fatigue again, but this is the symptom that I struggle with most. It affects my every moment, so – it’s never far away. One of the reasons I didn’t want to tackle this was – I often feel like it is inexplicable.fatigue2 I can’t very well explain what MS fatigue is like. I used to complain about how tired I was when I used to work and go to school. I would happily take that “tired” as my vacation now. I don’t know if you anyone can fully understand it unless you’ve experienced it or closely know someone who does. I don’t really remember what not feeling tired is like. Every now and then, I try to fool myself with a big cup of caffeine that wakes me up for a few hours, and then drops me just as quickly. So quite often, I am so tired, I can’t afford to have a social life, I can’t keep up with my friends very much anymore, so I feel like everyone has gone on, and I’m still here, but I have met new friends through this blog, and one of my MS groups. People my age have spouses and children – I find myself too tired to acquire such life additions. It makes me respect people who have successful marriages, are raising kids, have satisfying jobs or planning weddings even more. garbage

So if you know someone with MS or any chronic illness who isn’t always laid out flat trying to rest, encourage them, find out what they are doing and offer to help them. Sometimes they’ll take you up on it, other times they will not. Please don’t take offense, sometimes if there is actually something we actually can do – it’s too exciting and “normal feeling” to not do it! Many of us know how fleeting the moment can be. There are two medicines that can be taken for fatigue, one of them does not work for me, the other one, my insurance will not pay for. The last few days in NYC have been very dry (low humidity) and I have been so grateful. Any humidity above 40% is difficult for me. It sounds so corny, and yet it’s true – it’s my life! So while it has been hard on my eyes and skin, my immune system rejoices as much as it can – I don’t even pretend to understand that. Here’s more information about MS fatigue.

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March is National Multiple Sclerosis Month, here’s how you can help!

This is Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

Fatigue one of the most difficult symptoms of MS that I live with. Sometimes what is even more difficult than fatigue itself is explaining to someone else who does not have MS what exactly MS fatigue is. It is more than just feeling tired. And actually there have been studies done that indicate MS fatigue is unique. A nap won’t cure it. It’s what “The Spoon Theory” describes. I can no longer just get up and do something – I must consider if I will have the energy to do it. Nothing irks (and sometimes hurts) more than thinking you’ll be able to do something, and realizing that you wont be able to finish it – a few spoons too short! msfatigue

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So when I say, “I’m tired” this (what is described above) is what I’m dealing with, sometimes my spoons run out. I’m not trying to avoid you, I’m not ignoring you, sometimes I miss things and others I’m just too tired to do much.

Do you have MS, do you know someone with MS- Does this information help you understand MS Fatigue a bit more? Please leave a comment!