This is Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

Fatigue one of the most difficult symptoms of MS that I live with. Sometimes what is even more difficult than fatigue itself is explaining to someone else who does not have MS what exactly MS fatigue is. It is more than just feeling tired. And actually there have been studies done that indicate MS fatigue is unique. A nap won’t cure it. It’s what “The Spoon Theory” describes. I can no longer just get up and do something – I must consider if I will have the energy to do it. Nothing irks (and sometimes hurts) more than thinking you’ll be able to do something, and realizing that you wont be able to finish it – a few spoons too short! msfatigue

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So when I say, “I’m tired” this (what is described above) is what I’m dealing with, sometimes my spoons run out. I’m not trying to avoid you, I’m not ignoring you, sometimes I miss things and others I’m just too tired to do much.

Do you have MS, do you know someone with MS- Does this information help you understand MS Fatigue a bit more? Please leave a comment!