3 Tips on Dealing with Incontinence

cellphone2So this week’s posts are things that people with MS at times prefer to keep to ourselves. If you are a significant other. close family member or caretaker you too are privy to these conditions.  Usually these symptoms are so intimate, people who don’t have or don’t have to deal with them, won’t mind not knowing. Ladies who have had babies, and older people might understand, but still,no one likes to talk about it. So what is this it? Incontinence.

Here are 3 tips on how to deal with incontinence:

Familiarize yourself with and use incontinence products
At my age, I am so much more familiar with incontinence products than I should ever be.    It can be embarrassing to pick up these products at the pharmacy, but I assure you having an accident in public is more embarrassing.  Online shopping helps reduce the embarrassment and gives you a really wide variety of options to choose from.  Even the guys can find products to help them out.

Talk to your doctor for medication or possible catheter use  urinary incontinence-drugs-400x400
Yes it can be embarrassing, but if you can’t talk to your doctor (who can actually help you!) who can you talk to?  If you’re at a point where medication can be helpful, why not try it out?  And how will you know it can be helpful if you don’t try it?  Here is a list of the most common incontinence medication. And if you aren’t one for medicine, try one of these natural ways to deal with incontinence.

See a Urologist for specialized treatments
So a urologist would be the one to see for the most specialized treatment you can get.  Yes, you also may have to endure testing, but the results will allow the dr. to know exactly what is happening with your bladder and how to help you.  The following is an article about how visiting a urologist can change your life for the better!  Personally, I haven’t yet gained the courage for this.  I’ve heard whispers about  testing  called urodynamics that concern me a great deal.  Is there anything you can tell me about this?  Please do.