I can make use of lifestyle aids?

bed tableIn addition to mobility aids are lifestyle aids.

Lifestyle aids are often times small objects that make a BIG difference.

Have you ever heard of a key turner? It is a plastic handle that provides a solid base in which to turn standard keys. This is very helpful for those who have trouble with their hands or vision. Imagine being able to quickly get into your home as opposed to fighting with a key for five minutes.

Have you considered investing in a medicine organizer or alarm? A pill/medicine organizer allows you to keep all of your pills in one place and keep track of what you have taken. An alarm reminds you of when it is time to take your medicine. There are so many different types of organizers you are bound to find one that will make your life easier. There are also many alarm apps!

Bath benches, walk-in tubs, and shower grab bars make bath time safer and more convenient. Shoe and sock aids, along with a long handled reachers, bedside hand rails and lifting cushions make more independence a reality. So you use any helpful lifestyle aids? Let us know!