The One about Marriage and Relationships

Marriage, Relationships and MS

What if you are the one who is the sissy? I have cut ties from people who I knew would not be able to handle my illness. It was not because he said he wasn’t capable. I just experienced life as it came, he was not reliable when MS was not giving me issues. Am I supposed to believe that when I cant walk, he will be there? When Im stuck in a chair or on the floor…he will suddenly show up. He couldn’t handle his own life – there were reasons for this but… Sometimes you just need to keep your eyes open, but Me, Im so afraid. Too afraid.

When I was first diagnosed with MS, I joined a pretty popular website for information and support.
The stories told about marriage on that site were horrifying. I no longer frequent that site, but the relationship horror stories still continue. A husband walking out on a wife for any one of the following reasons:
too weak
too strong
cant be intimate as much as he would like due to her illness
cant keep up with him
cant clean the house to his standard
He has to support the family because his wife cant work (I really think this is an age thing)
It doesn’t go just one way. Women left because men were
too weak
cant support the family
cant be intimate as much as she would like due to his illness
cant keep up with her
can’t be the partner she would like
isnt the macho man she thinks he should be

Don’t latch on to other people’s stories. Find someone who will want to create the story with you. Every relationship has good times and not so good times.  It’s called life. Soak up the good times, learn from the bad times.

Happy Valentines Day