MS & Memory


When I was 5 years old – I was the pride of my sabbath school (Sunday school) teacher, and my mom I’m sure – she would give me the longest poem to say, and my mother would teacher me, and within a few weeks, I was in front of the church reciting the poem! In grade school, I studied for tests on the bus while on the way there – good memory. Sometimes folks, it has nothing to do with what actually know, but what you remember!

When I was told I had MS, my biggest fear was losing the ability to walk – nothing else, and because I had no difficulty walking for the first 5 years of my illness – I was just fine – scrap that – I looked just fine. The first time I knew that I needed to start being careful whereas my memory was concerned was when I almost burned my house down cooking dinner one day. I completely forgot I had turned the fire on. Completely Forgot.

That was my first sign of something happening with my cognition, I got on the audiobook train, tried gingko biloba (horrible idea for me!) and invested a few of my pennies every few months in a class of some sort. As good as it was then, doing those things didn’t stop the dysphasia from coming – my sister and my friends are very patient. Sometimes it takes a while for me to understand what I am seeing or hearing. It’s so strange. Sometimes I feel if I weren’t living it, I wouldn’t fully believe it. I listen to books, I am on Lumosity every single day. I play word games when i can – 7 little words and Moxie are current favorites. I make use of the oven’s timer and alarms have become my best friends. I have three apps on my phone to remind me of different times to do things. Hey whatever it takes to help my life out a bit.

I’m not reciting long poems anymore, but I do find just as much pleasure in learning a new phone number!

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March is National Multiple Sclerosis Month, here’s how you can help!