6 Things I Need You to Know about MS



6 Things People Need to know about MS


1. MS is Unpredictable – The way I feel is sometimes minute to minute.

2. MS can be depressing – this is true, and more than just thinking about how life can/might/will change. A lot of MS happens in the brain – it can effect our emotions.

3. MS is neither contagious or more of a death sentence than you have (I’m not buying this one to be honest with you. in many MS circles, you will see or hear – you can’t die from MS, you can die from side effects of MS…ok what am I missing? If I didn’t have MS I wouldn’t have that side effect.) This is what I believe, I’m not telling you that you must believe it, I’m not inviting you to an argument to try to convince me otherwise.

4. MS can be invisible – Fatigue, my most severe MS symptom is invisible, but it affects my life completely. I cannot just take a nap and be ok. I cannot keep up with you – talking on the phone can exhaust me. My MS is makes itself known if I’m walking – I need a cane now. If you meet me and I’m sitting down, you wont see much more than tiredness – most of us have that.

5. MS is a constant battle – Some of us reminded each moment of the day that we have MS

6. MS has no cure. – Not yet.

My life is different, but it is mine.