IVSM – Day 3

(Please pretend it is Monday)
Many times when someone is undergoing the IV Solumedrol treatment, they get a burst of energy as they haven’t had before.

I do get a burst of energy, but it lasts for 45 minutes. Then I’m like…


I am acutely aware that I don’t share many physical attributes with this lady, but we are totally on the same page! I attempted to watch some old Mysteries on Netflix, but I fell asleep both times. Kind of pointless. I’ve had about a combined 5 hours of sleep in 2 nights. I don’t blame me.

2 more days to go. I’m very grateful as the last time I was here, My medical team was enjoying a civil war.

Jesus and my awesome doctor took care of it.

It’s not always easy, but the hope and anticipation of feeling better bridges many feelings.

Prednisone Guide

livestrongdotcomPrednisone Guide

If you are ‘gifted’ prednisone to get over a flare, here are a few things that have been helpful to me. DISCLAIMER – I am not a nurse or doctor. These are things that I’m working with. Prednisone Survival Guide Excerpt.

Eat slowly. It is suggested that you take the meds with a meal, to avoid it, but nausea can still be a pain in the you know what. Also pamper yourself with all of the great tasting teas and non caffeinated hot drinks or comforting cool drinks that you can. Stay hydrated.

Eat and drink more potassium. The drug will act as an enemy to the potassium in your body, thus your electrolytes will be all wonky. Eat Bananas (I just put one on oatmeal) Cantaloupe, Lima Beans, Orange Juice and Gatorade (people, buy some stock in it if you can). Take care of your electrolytes to keep that awful spacey, cant see, cant hear, my head is going to explode feeling at bay.

Invest in strongly flavored hard candy. The disgusting taste you get while swallowing the drug can be gotten rid of in this way.


prednisoneI am supposed to start steroid treatment within the next few days. Someone was to contact me by now, but no word yet. I won’t be taking Prednisone this time, but IVSM. Believe me, it can have similar effects as above, but there are a few things that make the process easier.

Lots of Potassium from food and supplements

Hard Candy

Low sodium diet

An excellent IV nurse who can put the line in soundly

I’m unsure of how my posting will go this week, but I hope I’ll be up and running again soon.