Ms Mondays – Dating with a Neurological Conditon

Sarah Wilkins

Sarah Wilkins

Today’s information comes to us, thanks to the online (and Print) Magazine Neurology Now.  If you don’t have a subscription you may want to consider getting one (it’s free).  This is a patient magazine that pertains to life for those of us with neurological conditions.  Dating all on its own can be a tricky situation, depending on your personality.  Dating with a chronic illness can prove even trickier – when do you disclose what your dealing with?  Date 1?  Date 2 (if there is a date 2)  How much do you disclose? Do you lay it all out on the table or just as much as the person you are dealing with needs to know?  We’ve all heard horror stories of spouses and significant others who thought they could handle our lives, yet when they understood that chronic illness means  – it doesn’t go away. they  had to go away. Yet on the other hand – chronic illness brings out the caregiver in others.

What to do? What piece of dating advice would you give to someone else?


The Dating Game

The Dating Game: Finding a date is always daunting. When you have a neurological condition, it can be overwhelming. We sought advice from people who’ve been there to help you navigate the challenges. By Gina Shaw