My Favorite MS Ad

My Favorite MS Ad

MS-Australia – Saboteur

This is one of my favorite MS ads – it shows a woman sabotaging someone’s home. She pours oil on the floor which will cause someone to slip and fall. She puts tacks all over the carpet which will cause the painful pins and needles effect. She loosens one of the light bulbs which will make it more difficult to see. She switches the keys on the keyboard, making typing confusing, she strings a cord across the top of the stairs which will cause whomever is going up to trip, she rubs grease on the lenses of the glasses which would make them impossible to see through(optic neuritis), she switches the faucet caps, marking the hot water cold, and the cold water hot. When she hears someone drive up, she runs and hides behind the door, and we look and realize that the person walking into the home is indeed her. It ends
“When you have MS your body becomes your worst enemy”
This is what MS is like, one day you’re ok – the next it is as if someone has sabotaged your body. The only thing is it’s not an ad, it’s real life.

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