Multiple Sclerosis Fact #12 – Speech Problems


This was an issue that took me by surprise.  Ive always been more quiet and reserved when it comes to talking, but what I noticed after diagnosis as time went on was that I would sometimes have to create a script.

When trying to make appointments, speak with the insurance company, my doctor or with anyone at all I would literally write down what I needed to say so 1)I wouldn’t forget it and 2)I would be able to say the words.  Sometimes I forget the words, or how to pronounce them, how they sound, and that is when I know the word (I would see it in my mind), but sometimes, my mind space is blank.  I cannot come up with the word. I love words, I always have.  I’m a bona fide logophile. This word forgetting symptom was devastating.

  I was at one time in my life, an English teacher, I am a very proud nerd (sometimes a total geek).  This really has been one of the most frustrating symptoms, because it messes with my me.  MS better keep its hands off of my voice, or we will have some issues….more issues.