MS Support Groups

msgetsmynervesIn one of my MS groups a lady anxiously conveyed that her husband told her that she was using MS as an excuse and she needed to “get over it”. Hearing things like this bugs me to no end, because many people who do not have MS feel this way. They look at life the way they would live it in their non-MS state. And they tell people who deal with it every minute of every day how they should live and what they should do because if they had MS (which they don’t and have no idea what it’s like) it’s what they would do. They truly believe they can “out think” MS. If you believe you can out think MS -for your sake I hope you do, because I already know if you were to get it…

You may very well not be able to handle it.



We are grateful for the support of our families and friends ❤ because most times they are going through everything with us, but sometimes there are family and friends who are not capable of understanding whats going on. Many times the support of others going through the same issues is not only important but necessary.


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